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How to hold your husband; or, Ten commandments for a wife

Simon Louis Katzoff

How to hold your husband; or, Ten commandments for a wife

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  • Marriage.

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How to hold your husband; or, Ten commandments for a wife by Simon Louis Katzoff Download PDF EPUB FB2

10 Commandments for Husbands. Remember your wife wants to be treated as your sweetheart always. Remember her birthdays and your wedding anniversaries. Bring her some gift every week, no matter how inexpensive it may be.

(It’s not the price, it’s the thought.) Don’t take love for granted. Don’t “ration” your kisses. The Ten Demandments offers an inspiring and encouraging collection of the ten commandmentsor demandmentsthat every husband, wife, and child should expect and demand of each other and themselves.

It outlines all the demands, promises, and rules that every Christian relationship and household needs.5/5(2). The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.” – I Corinthians Husbands – find sexual satisfaction in your wife’s body on a regular basis, and give your body freely to your wife whenever she needs sex.

The Ten Demandments: For Husband, Wife, Children, and Self - Kindle edition by Womack, Loretta J. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Ten Demandments: For 5/5(2).

The Bible calls this coveting, and the Ten Commandments condemns it: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” [or in this case, husband] (Exodus ). It may come in the form of long conversations, a look in the eyes, body language, a sense of warmth or belonging, a trust or confidence that makes you want to talk to him and share.

Most scholars date this event around the 13th or 14th century BC. God gave the Decalogue, or 10 Commandments, to the Israelites shortly after they left Egypt. The record Ten commandments for a wife book the Ten Commandments can be found in the Bible, both in Exodus and Deuteronomy [Watch 10.

The Marriage Commandments reveals the shockingly untaught Biblical truth of the keys for successful marriage. Drawing on the Hebrew text of the Ten Commandments, this book provides a Christian, Messianic Jewish perspective on how to fix and preserve marriages.

Ten Commandments for Husbands tackles the fundamental issues that husbands face in their homes in order to breach the long-aged conflicts that engulf the husband-wife relationship. And in the process, this book cuts out practical steps on how to deal with issues such as sex in marriage, finance, and the role of man in the married life.

1 TEN COMMANDMENTS OF A WIFE & MOTHER “When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.

She brings him good and not evil, all the days of her life.”. The 10 Commandments of Marriage, by - Christian Marriage advice and help. Find biblical, helpful Christian resources relating to marriage at. This book was an easy read and had great points to help a marriage, whether it is failing or in good shape.

I enjoyed it emensely. It contained views from both sides, the How to hold your husband; or and wife, and had great scriptures that you could read to go along with it.5/5(5). The Bible shows that the Ten Commandments did not originate with Moses or in his time. Nor were they in Ten commandments for a wife book way limited only to the Jews.

They were in effect and known long before Moses or a people known as the Jews existed. They are the foundation of God’s laws that show us how to love God (defined by the first four Commandments) and how to.

The Ten Commandments given to the Jews at Mount Sinai became the Ketubah, the marriage contract, between Hashem (the groom) and the Jewish people (the bride). Just as Rebecca agreed - as a prerequisite to marriage, to keep the Torah - so too must we accept and keep the Torah for the sake of our marriage with Hashem.

Dr. Kennedy used this passage of Scripture to come up with what he called the “Ten Commandments of Marriage”. He did this as a way of stressing how our relationship to God should have a bearing on the way we relate in turn to our spouses. "Thou shalt have no other human being before your husband or your wife.".

Smile always, and try your best to speak softly to her always. Nothing makes a wife nervous like an angry husband. The more you develop your emuna (complete faith in G-d) and your trust in G-d, the more you’ll develop inner strength.

Wives love nothing more than a. Ten Commandments for Wives spells out ten fascinating pearls of wisdom for wives to thrive in their homes. With an in-depth “First Word,” Ten Commandments for Wives is foregrounded in “it is easier to heal a broken bone than to restore a broken home.” These words capture how a home can become a cancerous body when it is broken.

For the husband is head of the wife, and as it is said: "Women may not speak in the church, if they would learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home."[10] The husband is the teacher of his wife, and God, therefore, gave the Commandment to the husband.

At least once a day, compliment your spouse. For example, thank your wife for driving the kids to soccer practice, or tell your husband how much you appreciate him for making dinner. Daily compliments help boost marital satisfaction and counter the feelings of under-appreciation that ruin many relationships.

The Ten Commandments (Hebrew: עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת, Aseret ha'Dibrot), also known as the Decalogue, are a set of biblical principles relating to ethics and worship, which play a fundamental role in the Abrahamic Ten Commandments appear twice in the Hebrew Bible: in the books of Exodus and commandments include instructions to have no other gods.

Wife's Reaction: Husband's Action: When the wife feels insecure. The husband is not being a spiritual leader. When the wife takes matters into her own hands and assumes the leadership role. The husband has allowed problems to continue and even get worse.

I think of the ten commandments as the law – necessary but not exactly refreshing. This week I’m studying the book Getting to Know Jesus and this has changed my perspective. I’ve discovered The Ten Commandments are ten truths that give life.

Understanding The Ten Commandments. Check out this quick video from a Family Feud episode. Faith Evans is gearing up to release her duet album with her late husband The Notorious B.I.G. titled The King & I.

“Ten Wife Commandments,” finds the singer reinterpreting Biggie’s classic. THE HUSBAND'S COMMANDMENTS. Thou shalt love no other man but me. Thou shalt not have a daguerreotype or any other likeness of any man, but thy husband. Thou shalt not keep it in secret, and worship it; for, I, thy husband, am a jealous husband.

Thou shalt not speak thy husband's name with levity. Remember thy husband's commandments to keep them. I love how you took the ten commandments and showed us wives how we need to view and treat our husbands. Through your words here, I kept seeing the necessity of speaking well to and about our husbands.

Our words can build up or destroy. I don’t want to be the wife that has my husband finding solace on the corner of the roof, so to speak. TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR MARRIAGE: 1.

Respect the Image of God in the Other Person. Remember that God Has Given You a Gift in Your Spouse. Love Always Means Sacrifice. Relinquish Your “Rights.” 5.

Let Each Esteem the Other Better Than Him/Herself. —WEEK TWO – Ten Commandments Continued— 6. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR "THE HUSBANDS" Love your wife unconditionally with God's Love. Treat your wife as your Best Friend, and Enjoy the Fellowship of your wife the most.

Give the Highest Respect and Honor to your wife. Praise and Appreciate your wife often. Please and Satisfy your wife at any cost. Do Not get Angry at your wife for any reason. The Ten Commandments of a Successful Marriage 13 9. The Bible also teaches that our bodies are "gifts reserved" for our mates.

Treat sexual temptation like a deadly disease. God created sex; it's His idea. He designed sex to be an act of joyful pleasure by which a husband and a wife bond physically, spiritually, and emotionally. File Size: KB. The 10 Commandments of Marriage are: -adapted from D. James Kennedy. Thou shalt have no other human being before your husband or your wife.

No other human being should come before your mate - no one, neither father nor mother, son nor daughter, brother nor sister, friend nor acquaintance.

Thou shalt put no thing before your husband or wife. The Wife's Ten Commandments for a Happy Marriage by Mrs.

Esther Piekarski. When Eliezer sought a wife for our forefather Isaac, prior to even asking Rebecca her name, he offered her gifts: two gold bracelets weighing ten shekels.

These allude to the two Tablets which contained the. Your Personal Ten Commandments can help you heighten your awareness of your unspoken rules and thus avoid needless explosions. It will help you recognize that you are free to accept, reject, challenge, and change the rules for the sake of your relationship.

How to Find A Husband: Ten Wife Commandments. Posted: Octo Her mom who I adored told her when you are married your husband becomes your best friend.

it was a hard pill to swallow back then when I was single but now I understand. You provided many gems that I will hold near and dear. Many blessings to you and your family. Reply. 12 THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MARRIAGE COMMANDMENT 10 THOU SHALT BUILD A WINNING TEAM 1. If your marriage were indeed a college football team, where would it be ranked.

• We’re in the top five, vying for the championship. • We’re in the top ten, thrown for File Size: KB. As we open to 2 Sam try to think of the searing pain that would come when secret, private sins get exposed for all the world to see.

Just imagine what David felt as the truth of what he had done could no longer be hidden. That is the event and those are the emotions that David is feeling in the verses of this chapter.

One of the great deterrents to sin is looking at the consequences. "Thou shalt not commit adultery", one of the Ten Commandments, is found in the Book of Exodus (Exodus ) of the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament.

What constitutes adultery is not plainly defined in this passage of the Bible, and has been the subject of debate within Judaism and Christianity. 3. A Ketubah כְּתוּבָּה, a written contract or marriage agreement – the two copies of the Ten Commandments; one copy for the husband, one for the wife.

Yahweh trusted his bride so fully both copies were given for her to hold and to keep (Exodus ). Reading The Ten Commandments in an odd way relieved me.

Although it appears that the responsibility of The Ten Commandments is the job of the wife, it serves to be a wise responsibility that has been passed down from generation to generation, from daughter to daughter; for any woman who loves and cares inspite of : Esther Piekarski. Ten Commandments to Keep Your Marriage From Peril.

“Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other. Great article - thank you. Although my wife and I have kept the 10 commandments of marriage that you mentioned, we have found little things creeping into our marriage that foster complacency and even some.

Every day with your spouse is a gift from God; celebrate it. Regardless of what is happening in your marriage, find a reason to celebrate together & “be happy with the wife/husband of your youth.” Proverbs 8. 7) Don’t cause your spouse to be a detective or secret agent.

Let your life be an open book to your spouse. Let me attempt to illustrate the positive dimension of negative commandments by drawing your attention to the vows a husband takes in the marriage ceremony.

The husband to be will promise that he will “forsake all others” and take this one woman as his wife.

The husband could say to himself, “I cannot live with Betty as my wife. Ten Commandments In Marriage Ten Commandments for Husbands Thou shalt not take thy wife for granted, but will honour and respect her as thy equal.

(1 Pet ) Thy highest allegiance, except God, shall be to thy wife, not thy relatives or friends. (Gen ) Thou shalt frequently tell thy wife how important & valuable she is to thee. So yes the 10 commandments truly show if you have sex with someone who is not your spouse it is sin.

Look for the words Fornication, and Sexual Immorality in the concordance under NKJ translation or on and you will clearly see that yes it is a sin and the dictionary clearly says that fornication is sex without marriage 1 Cor 6.Your husband’s lack of leadership does not mean you should lower your own standards.

Get up and go to church. Serve where you can. Pray and read your own Bible. Encourage him but don’t let his passivity drag you down. 4. Don’t feel like you have to shield your husband.

Don’t shout about your husband’s lack of leadership from the rooftops.There is the "Ten Commandments of Umpiring," written in by the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Commandment number one, "Keep your eye on the ball." Four different commandments on this list are, basically, about not getting mad at the players. There are the "Ten .